Exercise class WS2012: Information Theory and Statistical Physics

Lecturer: Prof. Johannes Berg
Exercises: Prasanna Bhogale (email) and Chau Nguyen (email)

Sheet 1: Review of random variables-

Due: Monday 15 October, 2012
Discussion: Wednesday 17 October, 2012

Sheet 2: Entropy-

Due: Monday 29 October, 2012
Discussion: Wednesday 31 October, 2012

Sheet 3: Source coding problem-

Due: Monday 12 November, 2012
Discussion: Wednesday 14 November, 2012

Sheet 4: Communication over noisy channels-

Due: Monday 26 November, 2012
Discussion: Wednesday 28 November, 2012

Sheet 5: Landauer’s principle-

Due: Monday 10 December, 2012
Discussion: Wednesday 12 December, 2012

Sheet 6: Basic Bayesian inference-

Due: Monday 07 January, 2013
Discussion: Wednesday 09 January, 2013

Sheet 7: Belief propagation on system of Ising spins-

Supplementary: sample source code. Please send us (Prasanna and Chau) your code and figures, or show your figures in the your solution for checking.

Due: Monday 21 January, 2013
Discussion: Wednesday 23 January, 2013


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